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Baggett Services

Hank Askins
Birmingham, AL
Phone: (800)533-6529

Tonnage:No Limit
Hauling Area:All 48 States & Canada
Location: Birmingham, AL

Description: “ The name Baggett has been around since 1928 and is family owned and operated. We run our own trucks through Baggett Transport and utilize the open market through Baggett Services. This gives us the ability to more equipment which in turn means more comp

Heavy Haul Specialized Logistics

Darrell Davis
Columbiana, AL
Phone: (205)965-6644
Fax: (205)669-1781

Tonnage:300,000 lbs
Hauling Area:Worldwide
Location: Columbiana, AL


Moving Machinery Transportation

Alan James
Jasper, AL
Phone: (480)666-8310
Fax: (520)720-0035

Tonnage:No Limit
Hauling Area:48 States, Canada, Overseas
Location: Jasper, AL

Description: Best Rates Transporting all types of Equipment from Coast to Coast , partial loads-full loads , same day service in most cases Flat decks , Step Decks & multi axle RGN’s

Vache Wilson Trucking

Vache Wilson
Ralph, AL
Phone: (205)393-4756

Tonnage:70,000 lbs
Hauling Area:48 States
Location: Ralph, AL

Description: lowboy

World Class Logistics

JD Reid
Jasper, AL
Phone: (888)368-8151

Tonnage:No Limit
Hauling Area:48 States, Canada, Overseas
Location: Jasper, AL

Description: Best Rates Transporting all types of Equipment from Coast to Coast , partial loads-full loads , same day service in most cases Flat decks , Step Decks & multi axle RGN’s


Briana Green
Anniston, AL
Phone: (256)238-1868

Tonnage:No limit
Hauling Area:All States & Countries – Import & Export
Location: Anniston, AL

Description: Vans, Flats, Reefers, Containers, Lowboys, RGN’s, Stretch trailers, etc


Empire Transport

Dick Graese
Mesa, AZ
Phone: (800)367-4731

Tonnage:180,000 lbs
Hauling Area:Western US
Location: Mesa, AZ

Description: Empire specializes in hauling heavy specialized equipment. Web Site:

OpenRoad Transportation

Gary Russell
Scottsdale, AZ
Phone: (503)687-1770

Tonnage:100 Ton
Hauling Area:USA/Canada/Mexico/Global
Location: Scottsdale, AZ

Description: Any Heavy Haul equipment such as Farm Equip/Tractor cabs/Backhoes/Crawlers/Dozers/Graders/Mining Equipment/ * anything that will fit on such equipment as RGNs/StepDecks/LoBoys/Maxi/B-Trains/etc.


Prescott, AZ
Phone: (855)276-3875

Tonnage:185,000 lbs
Hauling Area:US, Canada, Mexico
Location: Prescott, AZ




Tom Barnes
Jonesboro, AR
Phone: (870)336-1702
Fax: (870)619-4391

Hauling Area:LOWER 48 AND CANADA
Location: Jonesboro, AR


GW Palmer Logistics

Bobby Power
Batesville, AR
Phone: (866)500-1802

Tonnage:No limit
Hauling Area:48 States
Location: Batesville, AR

Description: Excellent service with competitive prices! Licensed and insured in all lower 48 states. Professional one-on-one service with over 45 years in the shipping business. RGN’s, double-drops, step-decks, flatbeds & goosenecks! No load too big or too small!

Henderson Specialties, Inc.

Marvin Henderson
Russellville, AR
Phone: (479)967-3235
Fax: (479)967-2940

Tonnage:80 tons
Hauling Area:48 States
Location: Russellville, AR

Description: Henderson specializes in heavy hauling.

Hightail Express Inc

Matthew Fenley
Quitman, AR
Phone: (501)589-7425

Hauling Area:Lower 48
Location: Quitman, AR


Optimum Alliance LLC

Debbie Owens
Bentonville, AR
Phone: (479)268-6775
Fax: (479)268-6776

Tonnage:150,000 Pounds.
Hauling Area:All 48 States.
Location: Bentonville, AR

Description: Solid reputation moving freight, trailer, and equipment.


Allison Shipping International Inc.

Sean Betts
Long Beach, CA
Phone: (888)503-8233
Fax: (562)435-7201

Tonnage:350 tons
Hauling Area:Nationwide and Worldwide
Location: Long Beach, CA

Description: Allison Shipping International, Inc. is your family owned and operated international logistics provider. Call and talk to the same people every time you need transportation solutions and rest assured that your shipment is being moved with the diligence an

American Freightways

Randy Gretler
San Diego, CA
Phone: (858)217-3416

Tonnage:No Limit
Hauling Area:48 States, Canada
Location: San Diego, CA

Description: Flatbed, Heavy haul, Wide Load/Oversize

Blair Engineering

Larry Blair
Rocklin, CA
Phone: (916)351-0333

Tonnage:Permit Loads to 35 Tons
Hauling Area:California
Location: Rocklin, CA



Edgar Gonzalez
Wilmington, CA
Phone: (888)739-6056

Tonnage:80K Ibs
Hauling Area:Anywhere from Ohio to East Coast
Location: Wilmington, CA

Description: Can Haul Trailers in addition to Trucks.

High Street Logistics

Tony Horzen
San Luis Obispo, CA
Phone: (866)548-1555
Fax: (805)543-0863

Tonnage:No limit
Hauling Area:US, Canada, Mexico
Location: San Luis Obispo, CA

Description: We specialize in shipping all types of farm equipment to the United States, Canada and Mexico. Combines, Grain Carts, Tractors and implements- we have the experience to get the job done right. Call or email today for a competitive quote on your next shipm

Hughes Heavy Inc

Scott Hughes
Bakersfield, CA
Phone: (480)709-5800

Tonnage:140-150 tons
Hauling Area:US and Canada
Location: Bakersfield, CA


Mauch Trucking Inc

Geoffrey Mauch
Novato, CA
Phone: (415)883-1648
Fax: (415)883-0855

Tonnage:70 tons
Hauling Area:California
Location: Novato, CA

Description: Specializing in small loads to 70 tons

Reimer Transport

Darren Koop
Fresno, CA
Phone: (559)264-3081
Fax: (559)264-0503

Tonnage:90 tons
Hauling Area:Western States
Location: Fresno, CA


Ship Overseas Inc

Paul Alpren
San Diego, CA
Phone: (858)794-7760

Tonnage:No limit
Hauling Area:Worldwide
Location: San Diego, CA

Description: We specialize in the exportation of heavy construction, industrial and farm equipment from the United States to most international destinations.

Two Brothers Trucking

Gary Colberg
Dublin, CA
Phone: (888)842-2767
Fax: (925)833-6947

Tonnage:100 tons
Hauling Area:48 States, Canada, Mexico
Location: Dublin, CA

Description: We specialize in machinery moving in North America. We cover the lower 48 states + Alaska, Canada and Mexico. We move legal truckloads, partial (LTL) loads, over dimension and overweight loads.


Absolute Logistics

Jennie Lee
Aurora, CO
Phone: (303)779-4909
Fax: (303)796-7556

Hauling Area:US, Canada, M
Location: Aurora, CO

Description: heavy haul, rail, van, warehousing

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