Regal Corporation
U.S. owned and operated since 1978, Regal has grown to become a dominant force in the world market, selling into over 100 countries. We work daily to improve and increase our inventory.

Parts are sourced throughout the world to find the best quality and value. Each new part must undergo an extensive battery of tests and quality control checks before being added to our product line.

With the emergence of a global economy, it is more important than ever to recognize our similarities as well as our differences. Throughout the world customers are seeking solutions that provide top quality products at competitive prices delivered in a timely cost effective manner. Today our staff operates from Knoxville, Tennessee; Miami, Florida; Grand Prairie, Texas; Fresno, California and Istanbul, Turkey. Future plans will bring customer and product even closer together! As we continue to expand our efforts in the world market, we eagerly look forward to enlarging our family of customers.

In order for Regal to be successful, our Customers must be successful. Our Customer Service and Product Support departments have been trained to provide excellent service to our customers. The Product Support team is continually monitoring inventory and is able to address technical and application issues.

Regal has a multi-lingual Sales Department able to assist our customers in Spanish, German, Italian, Arabic, Turkish among others. Regal's competitive prices for quality replacement parts will make your business more profitable because you pay less! With seven distribution centers throughout the world coupled with our extensive inventory, means you get your parts when you need them. Regal can provide next-day service on most orders in the United States as well as prompt delivery to countries around the world. Where ever you do business Regal is there.

RegalLink is our electronic interface via the internet, connecting you directly to the Regal inventory. It provides you the convenience of checking part availability, pricing, and shipping as well as, placing orders on-line 24hrs a day. With Regal's extensive availability of parts and easy access through RegalLink, Regal can fulfill all your replacement part needs wherever you do business.

Contact Information
STE 800
Knoxville, Tennessee, 37902
Toll Free Phone: (800)824-2164
or (865)546-4423
Languages Spoken: ARABIC,

Tel: 1-865-546-4423
Fax: 1-865-524-7669

Tel: 972-988-6196
Fax: 972-660-2347

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee
Tel: 865-546-4423
Fax: 865-546-4605

MIAMI, Florida
Tel: 305-888-3151
Fax: 305-888-1951

RENO, Nevada
Tel: 775-971-9500
Fax: 775-971-9582

Tel: 780-489-5171
Fax: 780-489-5358

TORONTO, Ontario
Tel: 416-631-7825
Fax: 416-631-9581

Tel: 90-216-362-8076
Fax: 90-816-362-8043


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